Our China Direct Milk Project

China Direct Milk LLC is a Nevada based eCommerce and smart loyalty company specializing in group marketing and direct selling services in the area of high quality diary products. We manage a network of high quality US based food and product manufacturers that offer their genuine brands for direct sale to expatriate end users that reside in the USA. A large number of Chinese expatriates reside permanently within America and who are aware of the cost of Infant Formula in Mainland China. Like many other online stores, our manufacturing partner companies provide us with high quality dairy products from the USA. China Direct drop ship this high quality food and other related products to our customers across the USA. We market to and set up expatriate Chinese online and recurring Members and sell these products to them via E-commerce and M-commerce operations from our office in San Francisco. The China Direct Milk project is the starting point for the company to create memberships and to work with an international consortium of exporters that supply the company with wholesale supply the highest quality milk to our customers. Although the business is USA focused for customers, to gain significant advantage and market share the wholesale business operations span into other food and food related products as our recurring membership grows.  

aus_portfolio_08Our Wholesale Business

China Direct Milk project is made up of a number of Founders who have worked on setting up this food business for many years. The Founders experience over the last twenty years includes Group and Affiliate Marketing, Direct Selling and Information Technology. The business relies upon building a large database of customers in the US firstly from the significant Asian expatriates, now US citizens and who desire to send high quality food products to their friends and family after which the company will expand into other vertical US markets where our products are sort after.

For many years our Founders have been nurturing and setting into place strategic business relationships with wholesalers in the US supported by information technology products the shows_ETT - UNICASH Agreement Signing May 2002    2mechanics of this part of our business are administered from our San Francisco office for online sales, marketing and delivery of ordered products by drop shipping from the supply chain directly to the end user anywhere across the United States. The intellectual property that underpins our Group Marketing software is housed in a Founders Trust that is managed by corporate Trustees.