China Direct Milk Affiliates

Thank you for your interest in joining our China Direct Milk Affiliate Program.

The Purpose of our Affiliate Program is to reward those people who think highly enough of our products and services to refer them to their Friends and Family.

how-affiliate-marketing-worksWhat Is Our China Direct Milk Affiliate System?

Affiliate Marketing is a kind of marketing where businesses our China Direct Milk business rewards our registered Affiliates, such as yourself, for visitors and new customers that you send to our business’s web site via your own online or other marketing efforts. Our Affiliate Program is the our online system and tools that handle your Affiliate account, the tracking of the traffic that you, as an Affiliate are responsible for referring to the China Direct Milk site, and the monetary rewards that you have earned for your efforts.

The diagram to the right helps to illustrate how the China Direct Milk Affiliate Program works when you decide to market our exciting products to your friends, family and others who you believe would be interested in our Infant Formula and other dairy products we deliver into China to our customers homes.

We look forward to seeing you join us as a new China Direct Milk Affiliate.