China Infant Formula Contamination Articles

china_news_infant_formula_01The following Articles about the Infant Formula industry, retail sales, international supply, and of course the contamination scare that created the consumer problems in China in 2008.

Interesting Articles Of Interest Relating To Infant Formula Sales In China

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2015.04.20 – Chinese Lawmakers Weigh Harsh Regulation on Baby Formula

2014.03.15 – China’s demand for Milk Powder Becomes Gold Rush on Aussie Dairy Farms

2013.09.09 – Why Chinese Parents Pay More for Infant Formula

2013.08.04 – China stops NZ Milk Powder Imports

2013.04.26 – Baby Formula Smuggler Arrests Outnumber Drug Traffickers in HK

2013.04.14 – Baby Milk Rationing Chinese Fears Spark Global Restrictions

2013.04.08 – Stores Limit Baby Milk Sales on China Black Market Fears

2013.03.15 – Hong Kong Is Now Jailing China’s Baby Formula Smugglers

2013.03.07 – Children and Families are the first victims of the Powdered Milk Industry

2013.01.04 – Black Market Students in Chinese Baby Formula Racket

2012.07.15 – Baby Formula Pulled Off

2011.07.07 – China’s Infant Formula Market Faces Shake-up

2009.11.24 – China Executes Two over Tainted Milk Powder Scandal

2008.12.03 – China Milk Scandal_ Families Of Sick Children Fight To Find Out True Scale Of the Problem

2008.12.02 – Six Chinese Babies Likely Died from Toxic Milk

2008.09.24 – China Milk Scandal Threatens Giant Dairy Firm

2008.09.18 – China’s Poison Milk kills Three Children and Leaves 6,000 Sick

2008.09.12 – FDA Issues Warning About Baby Formula from China

2008.09.13 – China Begins Inquiry Into Tainted Baby Formula