Full Cream Milk Powder

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Made from high quality dairy products for export certification for China.




Creamy colored milk with a characteristic taste. Taste may vary slightly due to seasonal variations and source of ingredients. Milk is organoleptically typical of variety and free from any contaminants or

Size / Volume:        N/A90mm x 59mm x 205mm – 1 Litre

Packaging Type:   Combibloc® aseptic Visypak

Laminate composite of low density polyethelene/paper/aluminium foil/low density polyethelene.
(complies with FDA regulations for food contact). Fitment made of polypropylene, food grade.

Certifications & GMO Status

GMO free
No Herbicides
No Pesticides

Nutritional Claims

250mL contains 250mg of calcium, which is 31.25% of the recommended daily dietary intake of calcium.




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